Empowering Influencer Marketing to Drive Results Using Automation & Data

Before Winkl: You want to run an influencer campaign that has a measurable impact on your business. But because you and your agency is so busy with the manual work associated, results and performance take a back seat. You’re more focussed on just completing the campaign.

After Winkl: Things are automated, streamlined and have a proper workflow. Your campaign is under control which gives you time and energy to focus on actual performance. Your team will not be stressed anymore and will love to run more and more influencer campaigns.

Top brands in India like Amazon, Flipkart, Curefit etc. use Winkl

Driving results for the top brands!

Here are the results.

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Flipkart Ideas


Flipkart Se Liya Hai


MPL App Install


HealthifyMe New Year Resolution


Launch of Cultsport by cure.fit



Automation coupled with right strategy = superior results.

Influencer marketing campaigns are challenging as it involves a large amount of coordination between agencies, influencers and brands. As a result the focus is more on meeting deadlines than executing a campaign with the right strategy to deliver results.

But when it's automated on Winkl, you'll see that the campaign results turn out to be at least 2x higher because there is more time spent on the campaign strategy and creativity instead of doing redundant tasks. This is the modern way of doing influencer marketing.

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Winkl is driven by technology, data & strategy. We mean it.

We dont use the words technology, data and strategy loosely. The Winkl platform has an automated workflow built in, analytics to shortlist the most relevant influencers and track campaign performance in real time. This ensures that your campaign is executed in the best way possible.


End to end campaign execution using Winkl's campaign manager.
No waste of time with emails, phone calls and excel sheets.


100 million data points analysed to identify relevant influencers.
Shortlisting of influencers using Winkl score.


Tested strategies to ensure high impact & performance.
Selection of platforms, content concepts & influencer types.

21984 Influencers | 110 Million reach

Our growing network of more than 21984 influencers have a reach of more than 110 Million people across platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter & Snapchat.
These influencers are active across diverse niches such as fashion, beauty, health, fitness, food, Travel, art, DIV etc.

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